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Message 476 - Howard | |
The Website is absolutely wonderful and inspirational. Thank you for sharing it with the rest of world. Keep up the great work. May God bless and keep you safe from harm.
Worship With You

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14 May 2006 - OK
Message 477 - Winaan |
You have a gorgeous website. I really enjoyed exploring and looking at all you have created. Brightest Blessings, Winaan
12 May 2006 - Melbourne, Australia
Message 478 - Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie | |
Hello Southbreeze,

Your pages this week were just so timely. "A Tme To Grieve" is just what I needed to read as I am really feeling the loss of a very close person. I fell into that trap of "Going to see him next weekend", now there will be no more weekends, and I am angry at myself for that. That page has really touched me very deeply. Thank you for it, you must have known I needed those words. Your other pages were also great, but what can one expect from what I consider one of the best writers around. "Between Friends" was also a beautiful page. Keep up the wonderful work, you touch many more than you know with your words. So sorry about the ongoing problems with the Guest Book at "The Poet's Desk", I just wish there was some positive way of controlling these people. Thank you South, you are a wonderful friend....God bless you always. (Eddie)
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8 May 2006 - Brisbane, Australia
Message 479 - Marian | |
Hi Evelyn,
Thanks for your latest update and for that most beautiful and comforting poem A Time to Grieve. . Your lovely words come straight from your heart and am sure will comfort all those who have lost someone dear. As always your poems touch one in a very personal way and I felt you had written that poem as if it were just for me and yet know you are writing with great understanding for all those who have suffered loss.
God Bless you
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7 May 2006 - England
Message 480 - Doede | |
South I have visited several of your pages tonite, One I so liked was When I think Of Jesus. All your pages being so beautiful, but this one tonite touched my heart. I have just needed to be snuggled closer to our Lord and Savior, recently. And in leaning on Him, falling on Him, placing my face in His hands, I have been drawn closer . He has met me with open arms and lifted me. He has interceded for me when it seemed I was without words to pray. What comfort in resting my face with my tears, in His hands, letting Him wipe them with His hand.He is So Marvelous and Wonderful, He is So good and He is So Precious and that's why I Love and trust Him So !
God Bless you, South, in your blessed service of Love, for each of us and may our Lord be glorified, as I feel He has tonite during my moments at your site.
Love in our Precious and Blessed Lord and Savior !
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27 April 2006 - Oklahoma
Message 481 - Doede | |
South, Hi !
Just visited your Awesome and beautiful page When I Think of Jesus.
It causes one to become excited of our Lord and how Marvelous is His Glorious, and Wonderous Grace ! !
Love visiting you site , South. How I would Love being able to have words of poetry flowing within and through my heart like those of yours, and so many others. Hay, I won't give up, though, I may stroll along heaven beside you and Jesus that glorious day, and we can join together with our words, glorifing Him.
Bless you, South and your Precious family. May heaven's sweetest blessings shine upon you.
19 April 2006 - Oklahoma
Message 482 - HEATHER |
Just wanted to pop by to say hello and that your web site is so awesome.

19 April 2006 - Calif
Message 483 - Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie | |
Hello Southbreeze,
What beautiful poems you have sent this update. "Foster Mom" may be twelve months old, but it is a beautiful tribute written in a very special way especially for people who are very often forgotten in what they do. Then you finish of with teo poems about the wonderful blessing that a birth is and just how God really does respond to us, if we trust and ask. I don't think God could have entrusted the penning of these thanks to a better writer. Thank you for sharing your wonderful words and I know that many will truly see a reason to say thank you themselves after reading what you have written. Had another look at your great bookmarks as well and I really trust they are doing well. I know just what an effort it must have been to get that venture started, so I wish you the greatest success. I know you well enough to say that you will not claim the success yourself, but use it to show your trust and faith. You are truly an inspiration to all who visit and read your works. May God walk beside you always and may our Lord hold you in the palms of His precious hands. (Eddie)
The page visited?: Foster Mom ~ Mine At Last ~ A New Life
17 April 2006 - Brisbane, Australia
Message 484 - Tina |
Hi Evelyn, my sweet friend. I hope you had a great Easter! I enjoyed reading your new pages! You are such a blessing and so is your poetry. I love you! Tina
The page visited?: new pages from newsletter
17 April 2006 - TX
Message 485 - Andrea (Kentucky_Lady4) |
I always enjoy reading your poetry, gives a lift with each one! I loved your latest newsletter, and the pages, as always are awesome. It gives a person a feeling of being 'in' the poem. Thanks for all the blessings you give to me and all!! God bless you always!
The page visited?: Several... and loved them all!!
17 April 2006 - KY, USA
Message 486 - Misty
Thank you so much for the beautiful poem that you have so kindly wrote for me and my baby. Thank you so much for the previous poetry as well. You deserve a medal because you touch the heart of me everytime I view your site.
Thank you once again.
The page visited?: Mine at Last
15 April 2006 - Kentucky
Message 487 - Jack B. Suconik | |

I am not here to praise or criticize,
but just to learn more about the world.I have declared war on our ongoing universal war on animals, and will not be offended if
not welcome.
The page visited?: IN TOTO
15 April 2006 - Elmhurst Illinois USA
Message 488 - Marian | |
Hi South,
I've already admired your beautiful new homepage when it was first created. Today I thought I'd drop you a note to let you know how much I have enjoyed all your updates. Now I find this lovely new guestbook. Your site is so very special because everything is done so beautifully, words, graphics and music. I wish you and yours a Very Happy Easter.
Love and blessings
The page visited?: All the latest updates
8 April 2006 - England
Message 489 - Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie | |
Hello Evelyn (South),

Loved your latest updates pages, although I am so far behind as I lost my PC for two days. Your words are always something very special to read and you really have a wonderful gift that few can match. There are those who can write well and then there are Poets......You are a true Poet and stand out amongst so many other talented people I have come to know. I loved your page with Margi Harrell's music for "The Lord's Prayer", simply beautiful. I hope that your venture with Tina is really going well as it deserves to. Your words and Tina' graphics simply blend so well. A wonderful partnership. If I do not get the chance beore Easter to do so, can I wish to you a very special and Blessed Easter as we think of our Lord's suffering and pain that He endured for us, but then made it look so right by rising again and showing us the way to eternal life with Him. God bless you my friend. I hold you in the highest regards always. (Eddie)
P.S. Love the new Guest Book
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6 April 2006 - Brisbane, Australia
Message 490 - Joyce Ann Geyer | |
Dear South: I was on "Marsha's Graphics," and read a few of your wonderful poems, gosh they are so good! "Fun With Me," and a few others from her angel pages. I've always admired your wonderful poetry. God Bless You and Yours.
~Angel Hugs~ Joyce ^O^
The page visited?: Marsha's Graphics
2 April 2006 - West Seneca, New York ~USA~
Message 491 - Sondra |
Hello South, I just finished your wonderful Newsletter of a few days ago and I truly loved your new poem
"Don't Give Up Your Dreams." It is so awesome and beautiful I am sharing it with our daughter, thank you so much for writing it. And I love all the lovely lovely Bookmarks, i do not know when I've seen such beauties! I'll be ordering those very soon too. They are wonderful! Thank you for putting all your love in them and all you do, Love Sondra
The page visited?: Don't Give Up Your Dreams & Bookmarks
28 March 2006 - Indiana
Message 492 - Carolyn | |
Hi South,
I finally got here, as I have been trying to get some pages on all three sites. You know that feeling? smiles
I loved your new guestbook to match your home page. It is gorgeous, just so pretty with the flowers. I'am glad that you got this guestbook and know that you will enjoy it so much.
I 'am going to get some book markers too as soon as I come back from out of state. I want to be home when they come. They sure are petty.
Thank You so much for all that you do more me, and for your sweet friendship, it means the world to me. You are a real true humble christian friend and that is worth all the gold in the world.
God Bless You,
Love You Much
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28 March 2006 - Calif
Message 493 - Sondra |
Hello South! Ohhh 'tis most beautiful I must say. And I love your new Guestbook. I haven't even read your last Newsletter to sign. But I am enjoying signing anyway...Be back soon, love you, Sondra
27 March 2006 - Indiana
Message 494 - Tina | |
Glory! It worked for me. lol Hi Evelyn, my dear sweet friend! God was sure good to me when He crossed our paths! You are such a good friend! Your friendship means more to me then you could know!! Just knowing you are there and that you love me so much just makes me feel so special. But then you know that. It was a great pleasure working with you on the book markers and getting to know you even better. I wish you the very best on them and hope you sell lots!! God bless you! Tina
27 March 2006 - TX
Message 495 - Marie |

Hi South, Just a note to let you know how beautiful your index page is. This is just beautiful...of course I love the colors and the flowers. The whole site is wonderful my friend! Blessings!
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27 March 2006 - Oklahoma
Message 496 - Gayle | |
Hello my dear friend, I love your new look here on the guestbook. It is beautiful. Will be back to browse around for a while. Sorry it has been a while since I signed your book. Love you my friend
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25 March 2006 - USA
Message 497 - Jimmy aka jcshrimp1 | |
Hi South
It has given me much great pleasure to be able to setup your new guestbook. I have enjoyed your wonderful writings for many years now and your special friendship means so much to me.
God Bless you in all that you do for Him.
Your Friend Jimmy
The page visited?: All but your new Guestbook today.
23 March 2006 - Panama City Fl. USA

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