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Message 401 - lucy browning |
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10 May 2007 - AUXVASSE, MO.
Message 402 - Nancy Laird |
Just stoping by to wish you a happy birthday....

28 April 2007 - Ohio
Message 403 - Sierra Dawn |
Southbreeze, just dropping by to wish you a very special birthday, and many more to come.

Sierra Dawn

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28 April 2007 - Tennessee, USA
Message 404 - LadyMystical |
Stopping by to wish you a Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day.
27 April 2007 - WV
Message 405 - George Thaliath |
Hi Evelin,

from all of us here in Kochi, India
I miss you so much. Hope everything is fine at your end.

Bye, take care,

George J Thaliath
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Cell: 91 - 9847691956
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27 April 2007 - india
Message 406 - Joan |
Stopping by to wish you a very Blessed Birthday. It's your special day so enjoy it.

The page visited?: A few
27 April 2007 - Tennessee
Message 407 - HEATHER |
It's been awhile since I have stopped by to visit your beautiful web site and read some of your wonderful work, I enjoyed my visit very much. God Bless you.
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19 April 2007 - Calif
Message 408 - mary |
wonderful website, thanks for such beautifully written poetry. i searched several sites for that one special poem to send on to a friend in need. was delighted when i finally found it here on south breeze. keep encouraging and insping in the name of our Lord Jesus. may His blessings fill your life always.
14 April 2007 - WV
Message 409 - Eddie - Dark Blue Knight |
Hello Evelyn,

How wonderful to receive an update from you, although I am late in viewing it, I do pray that you had a wonderful and blessed Easter. I know that you have been through so much lately so my prayers that all will now soon improve for you.

“My Saviour” is a beautiful poem, with a lovely graphics set to set it off, but you are one of the top writers that I visit so I know I will always enjoy any pages you send. Thank you for your Easter wishes and I know that many of your friends have been thinking of you and keeping you in their prayers.

Great to see another page at The Poet’s Desk as well. Let me know when you are well enough to begin doing them regular again and I will send something for you if you wish.

A special prayer for you my friend.

Our Heavenly Father;

May you send your blessing and healing power to my friend Evelyn. She is your faithful servant and even in times of difficulty she still knows that it is your will being done. Give Evelyn the strength needed to help her through.

I ask this through your most precious Son Jesus.


God bless you

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10 April 2007 - Brisbane, Australia
Message 410 - Marian |
Hello South,
It was so lovely to receive an update from you and especially with such a beautiful and uplifting poem as "My Saviour". I hope that many blessings came your way this special Eastertime.
God Bless
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9 April 2007 - England
Message 411 - Barbara Kinart |
Love this site.
The page visited?: Easter
8 April 2007 - Long Lane, MO
Message 412 - Martie |
"My Saviour" A beautiful poem. Every
word so true.God Bless You And your's.And Happy Easter To You.
Hugs Martie
7 April 2007 - Kentucky
Message 413 - Bernice Rasmussen |
To all my family and dear friend, May you always be in Gods loving enbrace and know that he loves you. I love you all as well . For with out family you have nothing, and with out Gods love you are a empty shell. Live ,love and always remenber those that you love laugh, and cryed with. Share your joy and your sorrow with Family ,friends. Thank God for each day and for all you have, He is the one who made all this posable.
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20 March 2007 - montana
Message 414 - d purvis3 |
very inspiring
14 March 2007 - south carolina
Message 415 - Jeff Guest |
Hi Joyce!!! I really enjoyed your wonderful site!!! God Bless!!!
The page visited?: Many of them...
6 March 2007 - Indiana...
Message 416 - Suzanne Morris |
My friend sent me this when times were sad and it lifted my heart right to Gods hands ty
21 February 2007 - Portland Oregon
Message 417 - Zithromax |
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19 February 2007 - USA, Ney Jersey
Message 418 - FRED DAGENHART |
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16 February 2007 - Statesville
Message 419 - Grannyeri |
Lovely pages you have created for this site - wonderful poems and great graphics. Enjoyed the Valentines specials you sent.
The page visited?: Valentines specials
15 February 2007 - Canada
Message 420 - link to my shop |
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14 February 2007 - China
Message 421 - Sidenafil |
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12 February 2007 - USA, Ney Jersey
Message 422 - Sierra Dawn |
Hi Southbreeze,

Just dropped by to wish you a very happy Valentine's Day.

Sierra Dawn
8 February 2007 - Tennessee, USA
Message 423 - Shy |
Dear South,
How beautiful are your new pages, they came just in time to lift my spirits and soothe my soul. I have missed being online, it seems like it has been much longer than it has. Your website is just beautiful and I enjoy reading your inspirational poetry. Hope you are doing well. I am improving daily now, and it feels good to be able to get out some. Thank you for your many prayers for me and for my grand baby who was born preemie on Thanksgiving Day. She has had many ups and downs and has been very ill at times. PRAISES TO THE FATHER and many thanks for all the prayers in her behalf. We are looking forward to her homecoming in a few weeks.

Great job by poets at your poets desk as well.

God bless you sweet friend, keep up the wonderful work you do here.

Love you, Shy
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3 February 2007 - North Carolina
Message 424 - shadae waiters |
a boy named franck nzameyo in 5 th grade coped ur poem boy and the princple want to publish it . they think he wrote it
25 January 2007 - new jersey united states
Message 425 - Rosey |
May god bless you with good health!Your a great writer!
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27 January 2007 - ca

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