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Message 376 - SHY |
Dear South,
My Secret Place, I have one of those and go there every chance I get. I enjoyed so much all your latest poems, GIVE HIM THE DAY, THE ALTAR, PRAYER WARRIOR, this one really spoke to my heart. I have so many wonderful prayer warriors who pray for me each day and I do my best to pray for them. The Lord has been so faithful and answered so many prayers for myself and my family in the past several months. He has performed miracles and healed and blessed us in so many, many ways, because prayer warriors were faithful to lift up our needs to the Savior. Thank you for writing a tribute to the many prayer warriors that are on the internet and in our lives.

God bless you sweet friend and my wish for you is to be healthy and wonderfully blessed today and every day.

Love you, Shy

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8 June 2007 - North Carolina
Message 377 - Carolyn |
Hi South,
All of your updates this time are wonderful. But they always are.
Each poem this time touched my heart in a personal way.
Thank You for writing such wonderful poems to touch our lives and hearts about our Lord Jesus.
It is good to get your updates more often now too. It keeps us visiting and reading .
Thank You South for your sweet friendship and all that you have done for me and for our family, Heather too.
God Bless You
I Love You
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8 June 2007 - Ca
Message 378 - Eddie ~ Dark Blue Knight |
Hello Evelyn,

Really wonderful to see you sending out pages again as you have been missed by many, although we all know you had many issues to deal with. I am so pleased that you are improving and now able to build more pages again as you always write such wonderful poetry and present them on beautiful pages.

I loved “Secret Place” and really got a lot of meaning out of your words. I know that sometimes we all ask the questions about our faith, that is a human frailty. Your words say it all so beautifully that if we speak to God He will listen to us. Before we can believe we must want to believe.

“Give Him The Day” was a perfect poem to read after “Secret Place”, one just follows the other so well.

“The Altar” is beautiful, I can just feel myself standing at the altar shedding tears as I confess my sins asking that God who gave His only Son for us would forgive me.

I know many people who “Prayer Warrior” could be talking about as they openly and freely pray for others at any time. As your last stanza says we should offer up a prayer for the Prayer Warriors themselves for all that they do.

Wonderful pages which are up to the wonderful standard I always see on your site.

Thank you my friend.

God bless.

8 June 2007 - Brisbane, Australia
Message 379 - Andrea/Kentucky_Lady4 |
Hello my friend!
God was in each page, as the uplifting words were put down as well as when they are read. I totally enjoyed each poem, and lovely page. Rely totally on the Father, read His words, tell others of Him and help others to see the warmth of being one of God's children.
Evelyn, each page was so full of love and uplifting words. Love you my dear friend.. God bless!!!

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7 June 2007 - KY, USA
Message 380 - Tom Lee |
My Secret Place -is a wonderful poem I think we all should have one at times when we talk to the Lord-I read where things happen and first thing folks will do is Blame God for it -when we forget that there is a reason for him taking someone to such a better place-sometimes it stretches us but I have learnt many years ago never question God he made us and can do as he pleases -love your work mam.-Tom
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7 June 2007 - Rockport , Texas
Message 381 - Darlene Sigman |
I lost my only child when she was 24 yrs. old. My heart still breaks. I guess I do not have the belief in God anymore. My heart is still as broken as it was on May 2,1985 when she was taken off life support due to a drunk driver killing her.
I am crying now as I write this.
I am so sorry about your little daughter. My heart goes out to you.
Amherst, Ohio
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6 June 2007 - Amherst, Ohio
Message 382 - Joyce |
What a beautiful site! Thank You for sharing your love of our Father with me and so many others. God Bless!
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6 June 2007 - Arizona
Message 383 - Enchante` |
You have a very outstanding Web Site! I have spent a lot of time reviewing most of your pages. So tender and full of love. Thank you for allowing me to see the pages and thank you for the Spiritual encouragement with in.
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5 June 2007 - KY. USA
Message 384 - Marilyn |
I read your poetry I cried
as it made me realize how much love and faith I have inside of me,I want to thank you for sharing and showing me as well as other's your beautifully blessed work, again thank you for helping me in my time of spiritual transition.
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5 June 2007 - Queensland Australia
Message 385 - shelly |
I really liked all of your sites they made me feel happy and some sad but most of all the anniversay kiss & i plegde my love
4 June 2007 - queensland
Message 386 - Tracy |
I just signed up to send care packages to those across seas w/o anyone to encourage them from home. This site reminds me why I did that. Thanks so much!!
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29 May 2007 - U.S.
Message 387 - Ann Marie |
Dearest South, I loved the Memorial Day pages. You made me realize that as Christians, we are, "FOREVER IN GOD"S HANDS" What a blessed realization.
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29 May 2007 - Alabama
Message 388 - Andrea/Kentucky_Lady4 |
As the end of the day approaches, I still feel we should remember these brave military men and women daily, not only once a year. Some gave all, and we mourne - others are still there fighing for our protection and I pray God will be with each, protecting, giving courage and strength to go through each day as they do. God bless each one of them, everyday!!
Thanks Evelyn for sharing the pages - they were beautiful!!
God bless!
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29 May 2007 - KY, USA
Message 389 - Calvin |
Thanks, it was inspiring.
28 May 2007 - Michigan
Message 390 - Eddie ~ Dark Blue Knight |
Hello Evelyn,

Thank you for your wonderful Updates for your Memorial Day weekend.

Many think that Memorial Day (we celebrate our day on April 25th) is a celebration and therefore even seen as a glorification of war, but I see it as a remembrance, a time to reflect and remember, not celebrate but to feel sadness at the losses that we faced to keep our countries free. We should never forget those who give their lives and those who are maimed for life so that others can rejoice in freedom.

I really enjoyed your poem “In God’s Hands”, it is very special and He does have a purpose for everything. Sometimes we may not see what that reason is, but we must believe in our faith and accept that we are doing His will. With His love and our faith combined we cannot fail.

Thank you for your pages, I always look forward to your updates.

God bless you always.

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28 May 2007 - Brisbane, Australia
Message 391 - Andrea/Kentucky_Lady4 |
Oh, for the 'Graduate' memories!! Of mine, of each of my children and other members of the family and friends. Tears flow in happiness as they approach the stage to get that hard earned diploma!! Thank you for sharing such lovely pages!
God bless!!! Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
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26 May 2007 - KY, USA
Message 392 - Eddie ~ Dark Blue Knight |
Hello Evelyn,

Great to see you back and sending out pages again, I know I missed your presence as I am sure many others did. The good thing is that you are back and I really have enjoyed my visit to your pages today.

Being of an “older” generation, I never got to graduate having left school when I was 14, but I can imagine it would be a great time for those who are graduating after so many years of hard work. I pray that their efforts will be rewarded.

I’m not sure who would be the proudest, the graduate or the parents, but I can imagine it would be a great day for all. I think you said it so well in “So Proud Of You”, one day they are starting school and I seems like only a week later they are adults, entering the world on their own. Two wonderful poems for graduates and their parents.

Of course without the teachers, there would be no graduates so they should be recognised for their efforts in teaching tomorrows leaders. Again, you say it so well, for the knowledge they impart will never be lost.

Loved the graphics you have used for your pages, they are awesome. I wish I could create sets like those.

Thank you for your pages yet again and I pray that your health continues to improve.

God bless.

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26 May 2007 - Brisbane, Australia
Message 393 - Shirley |
You have a most beautiful site
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25 May 2007 - USA---Kentucky
Message 394 - Nancy |
Beautiful, just beautiful. Thank you.
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25 May 2007 - USA
Message 395 - SHY |
Dear South,
Your graduation pages brought back many wonderful memories of my nephews and nieces, friend's children and I have had 1 step grandson to graduate highschool. He and my youngest grandson graduated the same year, the youngest from pre-school and now he is in kindergarten. My how time flies. I also remember my own graduation and some of my teachers as well. There were a few that made a real impression on my life and the things they taught me and sweet ways they treated me have really stuck with me over the years.
I enjoyed all your pages, they are beautiful and express your feelings so well. I love your salvation page, it really touched my heart.
I love you sweet friend and wish you a wonderful and blessed long weekend. May your heart be blessed in many ways.

Your friend, Shy

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24 May 2007 - North Carolina
Message 396 - Bea Hamilton |
I enjoy Southbreeze

Please continue!

24 May 2007 - Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada
Message 397 - Grace |
No matter how long this took you,its one of the most beautiful sites on the web...What a great job...
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23 May 2007 - Stonewall,Ms.
Message 398 - Arthur Foisy |
This is to confirm my interest in your web site. The inspiration I find here is uplifting and praises GOD as He shpild. Thank you.
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22 May 2007 - USA
Message 399 - Carole E. Walker |
I LOVE your site!

Please keep me updated???
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21 May 2007 - MISSISSIPPI
Message 400 - Carole E. Walker |
I LOVE your messages, all of your wonderful reflections!

The page visited?: 76
21 May 2007 - MISSISSIPPI

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