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Message 351 - Sharon |
Thank you for the wonderful work that you do... I love everything about your pages... I was a great Dale E fan and the page is wonderful.
God Bless you
28 July 2007 - Illinois
Message 352 - Joy Weaver |
Earnhardt was and is Nascar. He left a clean image of a wonderful sportsman, winning , losing whatever came his way he could handle it . He is missed.
27 July 2007
Message 353 - troy |
this a great page . earnhardt was the best driver in nascar and still is the best driver
26 July 2007
Message 354 - donald hale |
what a emazing site with beautiful poems. i am a true earnhardt fan and thanks to you for the tribute to him.
26 July 2007 - WOODBURY, TN

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26 July 2007 - North Carolina
Message 355 - Shy |
Dear South,
What a wonderful array of beautiful poems you have shared today. I enjoyed them all so much. I have never been here that I didn't leave inspired, blessed and content. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful gift for writing and making such beautiful webpages too.

May the Lord's blessings shower down upon you even more, if that's possible.... You are a good friend and I treasure you.
Love you, Shy

Message 356 - Joyce Ann Geyer |
Dearest South: This newsletter was filled with such beautiful poems each and every one. Is this your 60th Wedding Anniversary? Well, if it is Happy Anniversary!
~Angel Hugs~ Joyce ^O^

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
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26 July 2007 - West Seneca, NY USA
Message 357 - Melva |
Hi My Friend,
I stopped by your site and wanted to tell you again just how beautiful it is....Thank you for sharing the beauty, and your precious talent with all of us...Thank you for your friendship which I treasure dearly...
You're very special to me, and I love you very much,
16 July 2007 - USA
Message 358 - Birgitta |
Thank you for leaving your kind words in my guestbook.
I enjoyed visiting your beautiful site and your poetry are awesome!
Wishing you a beautiful day.
16 July 2007 - Sweden
Message 359 - Eddie ~ Dark Blue Knight |
Hello Evelyn,

So sorry it has taken so long to visit since you sent your last update. So many times I have sat down with good intentions to view some pages only to find I did not have the drive or enthusiasm. I am that far behind I haven’t even got any pages ready for my own next update, but I want to catch up on all the pages I have to view first. Hopefully this depressive state I am going through will not last much longer. I just need o keep my faith and have patience and know that when it is time I will be OK again.

I loved all of your poems on your update.

“Dawn Awakens”:- is beautiful and every day shows us the beauty of God’s gift to us. We must learn to repay that gift by being the very best person we can possibly be.

“Little Poetess”:- I did read when you made the page of course and I love the poem. I can just envisage the little girl sitting and striving to write her very first poem. Thank you for choosing to use those graphics for the page and a special thank you for the link which is never required but appreciated nonetheless.

“Somewhere In Time”:- It is beautifully written and really gives a wonderful message of the special bond of true friendship. Sometimes our friends are just what we need to get us over some crest we have reached. I am honoured to call you a true friend.

Take care and God bless you always

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9 July 2007 - Brisbane, Australia
Message 360 - Jackie |
Have enjoyed you site, is on my website so easy to get to, the poetry is fabulous, thanks so much for being here.

The page visited?: Visited all pages
7 July 2007 - Oregon,USA
Message 361 - Rosalind |

Hello...I have been surfing around hoping to be led to an inspirational site and found your lovely webpages.
I would like to invite you to join a group of Christian ladies called "Sisters with Heart,"
we would be so blessed to have you with us.
Please pray about it and if you decide, visit the above link to find out more.
Blessings to you!

The page visited?: beautiful
1 July 2007 - UK beside the sea
Message 362 - Marian |
Dear Evelyn,
It was lovely to receive your new pages. Your poems are always so heartfelt and a joy to read. I do not often pay you a visit these days as am not on the net a lot, but your site is always a very comforting place to come to. Hope you are well.
Love and blessings
The page visited?: Closer to You and Somewhere in Time
28 June 2007 - England
Message 363 - Melva |
Hi Sweet Friend,
Thank you for a lovely update, and also for using my graphic's for your beautiful poem! I count that as an honor!
Your poem 'Little Princess' is wonderful, and Eddie's graphic's is perfect for it...
Thank you for sharing your heart through your poetry....
It touches my heart, every time, each poem does, in one way or another......
Thank you for the encouragement you give to me too, you have touched my life, and I am thankful for you and your friendship...
Love you dearly,
The page visited?: Update
28 June 2007 - USA
Message 364 - Joyce Ann Geyer |
Hi South: Just awesome poetry. I so enjoyed reading. Graphics and music divine. Angel Hugs, Joyce

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The page visited?: Closer To Yo to Somewhere In Time
28 June 2007 - West Seneca, NY USA
Message 365 - Linda Wilson |
Thank you for sharing all your beautiful talents. The world is a better place because of caring people like you. God bless you greatly!!!
The page visited?: lots of them
27 June 2007 - Albion, Indiana
Message 366 - Shy |
Dear Evelyn,
Thank you for sharing such beautiful and heartwarming poems and pages with me. I am a bit behind in my visits, but the wait is always worth the journey here. You bless my heart and encourage me everytime I visit with you.

God bless, Love you

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27 June 2007 - North Carolina
Message 367 - Jacquelyn |
Hi my Southbreeze- I just love your website- I have been with you for quiet awhile and I look forward to each beautiful song and poem- and beautiful picture's - lots of hugs to you-- Jacquelyn
27 June 2007 - Vancouver, Wash.
Message 368 - June |
Dear South,
I would like to thank you for sending me all the beautiful pages, and poems. They are outstanding. Joyce is one of my sweet friends. Her poems are outstanding. I enjoy all your pages. Thank you for sharing them with me.

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27 June 2007 - born in Pa. raised in N.J. living in S.C. USA
Message 369 - Bonita |
beautiful site. Poems are so touching and the music is beautiful.
I thank God for your inspiration that comes from the heart.
The page visited?: all
21 June 2007 - Alabama
Message 370 - SHY |
Dear South,
Thank you for sharing your beautiful Father's day poems with me. They are wonderful and well written. I have never read anything of yours that I didn't like. I feel honored to know you and to be your friend. I hope your day has been a blessed one.

Love ya, Shy

The page visited?: your Father's Day shares
17 June 2007 - North Carolina
Message 371 - Diane |
Beautiful site. Hoping to receive your newsletters and notices of new pages. Thank you for your site, - blessed by it.
The page visited?: Inspirations
17 June 2007 - Penna.
Message 372 - Ann Marie Fisher |
Hi Sweet Evelyn, I did truly enjoy the last two updates, my favorite was, "The Altar" and "Prayer Warriors" Those were dear to my heart. The offerings for Fathers Day were all wonderful & I really liked the pictures & poetry from George of India. This Site is awesome !! God Bless.
The page visited?: All
15 June 2007 - Alabama
Message 373 - Tom Lee |
I read all your Fathers day pages and do love them made me think of my dad - you did well on these good pages -Tom
14 June 2007 - Rockport , Texas
Message 374 - Joyce Ann Geyer |
Hi South: All of your Father's Day poems are just gorgeous! I enjoyed my visit Dear South. Thank you for your visit and email. May God Bless you richly! ~Angel Hugs~ ^O^

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The page visited?: All of your Father's Day poems in your newsletter.
14 June 2007 - West Seneca, New York USA
Message 375 - Anthony |
You have a beautiful site which shows considerable creativity and hard work. I enjoyed visiting your corner of cyberspace. Best wishes from Canada.
The page visited?: Friendship, Family , Inspiration
14 June 2007 - Ottawa, Canada

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