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Message 301 - Melva | |
Good Morning My Friend,
Thank you for such sweet poems this time, I loved all of them...
My First Kiss was so sweet and tender...They all were, and the music and pages just set them off perfectly! Thank you for sharing the beauty that's in your sweet heart with all of us...You are an inspiration to all of us who know you...Thank you for that! Thank you for your friendship that is so precious to me...May God bless you so sweetly...I love you dearly,
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10 November 2007 - USA
Message 302 - Andrea | |
Evelyn, I have just viewed your new pages.. Oh, the love, and how you make it come alive!! I totally enjoyed each one, and the settings were just awesome with each. Love you, my dear sweet friend!!
God bless!!
The page visited?: Several... and loved them all!!
9 November 2007 - KY, USA
Message 303 - Robert L. Vance |
God bless you and continue to use you for His glory. You have done a great work in all you have done.
8 November 2007 - Beckley, W.Va.
Message 304 - Abilene | |
Hi there Southbreeze, how are you doing? I like your holiday pages, especially your Christmas pages. You did a great job! Take care and God bless you!
The page visited?: Christmas with Jesus
5 November 2007 - Hawaii
Message 305 - Joann | |
How do you do? I've got a question! I like pizza very much, but besause of my excess weight I'm obliged to refuse eating it often. My physician recommended me to taste NASCAR official pizza:
Has smb already eaten it?
The page visited?: USA
3 November 2007 - Joann
Message 306 - Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie | |
Hello Evelyn,

Guess you might be thinking I had dropped of the face of the Earth as I haven’t been around for so long. Actually the truth is I haven’t had the greatest of things during the past month so I simply haven’t been able to keep up with the updates as I would have liked. However I have been saving all mails and now I am slowly working through lots of pages to view.

Started by reading “Grand Daughter” and then worked my way through the other mails you have sent since. I really shouldn’t nominate specific poems as they are all wonderful but some do stand out as special for me.

“A Grand Mother’s Love” is very special and I can easily change the words to suit me as a Grand Father as I read it. I also enjoyed very much “Hold On To Me”. You always write beautiful inspirational poetry.

Others that I really enjoyed are “Wherever You Lead” and “Across The Miles”

Your new poem “My Life Is Beautiful” is really lovely.

You always use wonderful graphics and music to make your pages look just perfect. I never visit here without seeing beauty in the pages and the words.

Thank you my friend.

God bless you always.

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29 October 2007 - Brisbane, Australia
Message 307 - ivonne carlson maldonado | |
The page visited?: home page
20 October 2007 - Naples, Florida

19 October 2007 - Greenville, North Carolina
Message 308 - Shy | |
Dear South,
Thank you for sharing your beautiful poem "I Said A Prayer for You". It has such a wonderful and heartfelt message, not unlike all of your beautiful poems and pages. I just get a blessing everytime I visit here with you.

Thank you for your friendship and your wonderful christian witness that means so much to me.

Take care,
Love you, Shy

Message 309 - Joyce Ann Geyer | |
Dear South: Your first inspirational poem (I SAID A PRAYER FOR YOU) is so beautiful. All the other poems are just so fine! Have a great weekend. Time to rake the leaves, and place burlap on those bushes. Even if you only go to a movie just have fun! Love You!
Joyce ^O^

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19 October 2007 - West Seneca, NY USA
Message 310 - Melva | |
Hi Dear Friend,
I wanted to let you know I had been to your beautiful site and enjoyed the visit so very much! It's like taking a breath of fresh air to come and read your poetry...It's a blessing to me, every one that I read...And so are you, I cherish your friendship, it is so sweet and precious...
Thank you for sharing and for all you do for all of us...
I love you,
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17 October 2007 - USA
Message 311 - Marti Heckman |
As a poet and author, I salute your work. As a friend who received your work in an e-mail, I thank you for creating a lovely site that I can visit many times.
15 October 2007 - Milledgeville, Georgia
Message 312 - linda ann henry | |
The page visited?: MY LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL
14 October 2007 - USA
Message 313 - Marian | |
Hi South,
I adored your new poem My Life is Beautiful - you expressed your feelings so well as you do with all of your poems. Have not been around much on the net of late but has been a pleasure to come and visit with you today.
Love and blessings
The page visited?: My Life is Beautiful
14 October 2007 - England
Message 314 - lucy |
just wanted to tell you how much i enjoy your wounderful site. thank you for sending it to me.
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13 October 2007 - u.s
Message 315 - Joyce Ann Geyer | |
Hi South: "MY LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL," is very wonderful. It is always so nice to hear about people who really love each other. I have a marriage like that with Dave for thirty-four years now. and I am grateful to Jesus. "GUARDIAN ANGEL," AND "BABIES AND ROSES," are very beautiful poems. Thank you for your updates, and if you get a chance to pop in at my site just follow the link I left, OK? Thanks.
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13 October 2007 - West Seneca, New York USA
Message 316 - Jacquelyn--- |
Hello again my little Southbreeze--- I just love all your beautiful music and poems--you have touched so many heart's--- love and hugs--
13 October 2007 - Vancouver, Washington
Message 317 - Carolyn | |
Hi South,
I have been enjoying catching up reading your latest updates. I love your writings so much. I can feel the love and peace that you have for our Lord in each word. If I could only write one good poem, I would be so happy. God has given you His wonderful love in sharing with all of us through words.
You are such a sweet and loving friend. Thank You for sharing with me as well.
God Bless You
Love You,
The page visited?: many of your latest poems and more
13 October 2007 - Fresno, Ca
Message 318 - Tina | |
Hi Evelyn! How are you? I hope you are feeling better. I enjoyed the pages you sent today. Thank you for sharing them. Thank you also for the link in your newsletter. God bless you, my friend!

13 October 2007 - TX
Message 319 - Nedica | |
Dear Joyce Ann
Thank you for signing my guestbook,
l like you Homepage very much because it's so ingenious,
Wish you with all my heart a wonderful Week,
And a hope the will sunshine in your heart,
Hugs Nedica
The page visited?: A Very Special Friend,Calling All My Friends
12 October 2007 - Denmark
Message 320 - Catherine | |
Just wanted to stop by and let you know that I enjoyed reading the poetry on your site.
8 October 2007 - England
Message 321 - Mickey Stanley |
I love your web site, it is so touching.
May God always embrace you in all you do.
The page visited?: I spent hours on your site, (sit with me Daddy)
4 October 2007 - Cullman, Alabama
Message 322 - Shy | |
Dear South,
Thank you for the many pages you have shared today. All so beautifully written and enhanced with lovely graphics and music. As always you have touched my heart, God bless you always,

Love you,

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1 October 2007 - North Carolina
Message 323 - Joyce Ann Geyer | |
Dearest South: How soothing all of your poems are! "HOW I LOVE THEE," is so awesome. Nice prayer!

"TREASURED MEMORIES," I thank God for these wonderful moments in time. I can still remember! A real beauty too!

"WHEREVER YOU LEAD ME," is the best!

"LISTEN TO YOUR HEART," is also a beauty! Loved all of these poems.

~Love & Hugs~

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30 September 2007 - West Seneca, New york USA
Message 324 - Barbara |
I just found your sight ,it is very nice
The page visited?: Just the first one .ran out of time
30 September 2007 - Lindsay ,Ca
Message 325 - Tina | |
Hello Evelyn.

How are you? I hope you are doing good! I enjoyed your pages very much today. They were so uplifting. I pray God blesses you in all you do! Have a great day!

The page visited?: New ones in newsletter. They were beautiful!
30 September 2007 - TX

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