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Message 451 - Cathy Sanson |
I just visited your website and it is just beautiful. I enjoyed the few minutes I was here and plan on returning to check out the rest. Thank you for such beauty~~HUGS. If you have time stop by my site and check us out and give us a vote~~
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18 October 2006 - Fall River,Ma
Message 452 - HELENA |
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18 October 2006
Message 453 - Lecia |
I have been a member from 2/2000 when I lost my daughter to stillbirth, a friend of mine sent me a card from your site and I have been on it many times reading the poems has help me deal with my daughters death.

Thank you!!
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18 October 2006 - Columbus, Ohio
Message 454 - Terrie |
I just read the poem "A New Beginning". Very pretty and the midi playing was nice too, relaxing. I can always count on you to lift my spirits. God bless...
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17 October 2006 - Phoenix AZ
Message 455 - Bonna H. |
Today's was beautiful. Keep up the good work, and thanks for putting the address with the AOL on them. I have so many AOL people. Now they can get the good ones also...
The page visited?: First one today
17 October 2006 - Illinois
Message 456 - Joyce Ann Geyer |
Dearest South: I read "Circle Of Friends," and many more. Your site is truly awesome! Just divine, so beautiful. I pray for your wellness, as I heard you weren't well. So sorry. I lift you up South to Jesus in prayer, He is Dr. Jesus and will heal you. Keep the faith. Love always, Joyce

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14 October 2006 - West Seneca, NY USA
Message 457 - Kerrieann |
Your site is truly beautiful and I enjoyed my visit ..... I read various poems and they are all beautiful as are the pages. Will defintely be back again

God Bless
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13 October 2006 - Australia
Message 458 - Dianna Jacobs |
I am just in awe of your page
titled GRIEVING and would like
to ask your permission to link to
my daughter's website and our
bereavement group website. and These
are non profit and only to support
and help those who are greiving
and after finding my Kanda drown
in bath tub on 4-13-04, I seem to
feel a sense of peace and connection as I maintain and link
to these 2 sites. I will leave my
email address at home for your
The page visited?: GRIEVING
19 September 2006 - US
Message 459 - Shy |
Dearest South,
Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful new pages with me. They are all awesome and I enjoyed them very much. You are such an inspiration to me and a cherished friend.
I love you, Shy

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6 September 2006 - N C
Message 460 - norma grass |
I Love Ur new pathway to neighbor It reminds me of when my gal friend lived next door to me now she has gone away for only me to see when i go to heaven I knew her for 18 years and i miss her so much. She came to visit me in aug. of 2005 and was here for 3 hrs.. Took sick and was in the hospital for 30 days and went home to only die 3 hrs later. So this does mean a lot to me. Keep up with the good things u r doing we all need this type of poems and sayings in out lives.
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6 September 2006 - maine
Message 461 - ~*Kim*~ AKA ~*Silly*~ |
Your WebPage is really kewl.8~D
22 August 2006 -
Message 462 - Rosaleen Bellamy |
This site is absolutely geogeous!! I love it....are we allowed to use these angels in our mail? I would like a couple to make a site for my deceased daughter whom I miss with all my heart. Many years have gone by but the heartache is always there. My only precious daughter was only 6 1/2. And I love your Angels!!!!! Thank you for sharing with us. : )
The page visited?: Many. : )
20 August 2006 - Colborne, Ontario, Canada.
Message 463 - muradcis |
I Love U Reflection Of Southbreeze.
ALLAH Help u.
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2 August 2006 - Bangladesh
Message 464 - Abu |
Thank you for sharing the beautiful poems once again

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27 July 2006 - ind
Message 465 - HEATHER |
Come sit beside me , is just beautiful, you do good work, I love comming here to see and read all your beauty that you have on your web site.

The page visited?: come sit beside me
28 July 2006 - Calif
Message 466 - Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie |
My dear friend,

Thank you for your wonderful updates and your poem "Come Sit Beside Me" would have to be amongst the best you have ever written. A beautiful writing penned as only someone with an extraordinary talent can write. You have that talent and use it so well in promoting God's work. I know that you will reap rich rewards for your efforts. Enjoyed "A Birthday Wish" as well and will almost certainly share that page for other friends birthdays. Keeping you all in my prayers and hope all is going well for you. May God bless you always. (Eddie)
The page visited?: Updates from July 27th
27 July 2006 - Brisbane, Australia
Message 467 - James Herbert Henderson |
"Come Sit Beside Me" is a very lovely poem. I enjoy your site.
It's a lovely sight.
May God richly bless you.
Love to all, Jim
The page visited?: Come Sit Beside Me.
27 July 2006 - Hartselle, AL -USA
Message 468 - James Herbert Henderson |
"Come Sit Beside Me" is a very lovely poem. I enjoy your site.
It's a lovely sight.
May God richly bless you.
Love to all, Jim
The page visited?: Come Sit Beside Me.
27 July 2006 - Hartselle, AL -USA
Message 469 - Melva |
Hi Dear Friend!
I loved the pages you sent out today and I can see why "How I Love Thee" is so well loved! It is beautiful...
I am so glad that you are back, and with such wonderful pages...

I love this new Guestbook! It is so beautiful...And so is the song!

I'm also very blessed to have your friendship, you are a sweet blessing, and I love you very much!
The page visited?: Update
26 July 2006
Message 470 - June |
Your website is beautiful. I enjoy each and every page you send me
by e-mail. Congratulations to a job
well done.

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The page visited?: Come Sit Besides Me
26 July 2006
Message 471 - HEATHER |

The page visited?: going now
14 July 2006 - CALIFl
Message 472 - John |
Hi South and a Happy 4th of July. Wanted to stop in for a visit and say Hi. Hope you have a very wonderful day. What a beautiful guestbook!
Hugs, John

4 July 2006 - Shenandoah Valley, Virginia
Message 473 - James Herbert Henderson |
Hi Southbeeze! I enjoyed your site tonight. May God richly bless you.
Love and hugs, Jim
The page visited?: Cyber Friends
24 June 2006 - Hartselle, AL -USA
Message 474 - MarieJoy |
(((((((Dear AngelFriend Southbreeze)))))))
Just soared in to wish you a very peaceful
and blessed upcoming week!
I love you, You Are A Blessing, God Bless You!
Love & Hugs, Peace & Joy Always,
~\o/~ wings2u4ever...MarieJoy ~\o/~
God's Wings Soar Us Above Life's Greatest Storms!

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18 June 2006 - IL / USA
Message 475 - james | |
good morning and evening i am signing your book cause it has been a pleaser for me to read some of your work and i will like to add your page to my links page if you can please visit my page thank you......
26 May 2006 - florida

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