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Message 26 - MAW MAW MABLE | |
The page visited?: November 4, 2012
4 November 2012 - MS
Message 27 - Brandon Phifer (APCU) |
I like the site. Keep up the good work.
25 October 2012
Message 28 - Linda Bates | |
Love to visit your site, it lifts up my spirits.
The page visited?: Almost all of them
20 October 2012 - Weatherford.Texas
Message 29 - Ann Marie Fisher | |
Good Evening Evelyn, I read a lovely poem titled, "Forgiveness" It was just what I needed & My Lord let you put it on your site to ease my hurt & let me realize that if one is wounded, we are to turn to the One who heals all wounds if we just turn them over to him. I praise Jesus for you sweet Evelyn & wish you a happy birthday.
The page visited?: latest update
26 April 2012 - Alabama
Message 30 - Jane Ward Smith |
The poem I just read is so beautiful touching my heart which needed a touch today. God always hears our pray and sends just what we need and today He send this wonderful poem from your golden pen. God bless you today. :-) Jane
1 April 2012 - Brewton, Al. USA
Message 31 - Joyce Charleville |
U R website is the most wonderful ever. Im always so glad to hear from u and to tell my friends about so many, I dearly think this is an awsome thing u r doing for all who sees ur website. GodBless you so much. again Thank you.
19 March 2012 - Cedar Hill MO.63016
Message 32 - Ann Marie Fisher |
Darlin Evelyn, I always enjoy reading from your site but the poems about your lovely furry friends are such a pleasure to me. Once I met Sam, I was hooked. I know Mollie must be a darling too. I dearly loved visiting & loving on Sam & I thank you for your sweet friendship & the blessing of your poetry. God Bless Sweet Evelyn!
The page visited?: Last update
12 February 2012 - Alabama,U.S.A.
Message 33 - Robin |
I love your site but wish I could sent some of these to the man I love so dearly..I love your talent ,the way you write ,,may the Lord above bless you with ever lasting happiness a sister in the Lod.
3 February 2012
Message 34 - Eddie (Dark Blue Knight) | |
Hello Southbreeze,
Thank you for your latest updates mail and it was with great pleasure I have again spent time visiting beautiful pages and more importantly reading the wonderful poetry.

I was especially touched by "Fly Away" and wonder if it will ever be sung as a lullaby as originally intended. It would make a lovely song set to the right music. I know that having ones words set to music is a great achievement and hopefully someone one day will write music to suit your words. I know when one of my own poems ("Were You There?" with music and vocals by Midi Sandy) was blessed with being sung, it makes the poem that much better.

I hope and pray all is well with you and that the new year of 2012 brings many blessings. Our friendship goes back many years now and although not in as regular contact as we should perhaps be, I still count you as one of my treasured friends.

God bless you always.

The page visited?: Fly Away and others
13 January 2012 - Brisbane, Australia
Message 35 - manuja |
happy new year
31 December 2011
Message 36 - Bonnie Mincey |
Enjoyed spending time with "you" tonight. Love you.
31 December 2011
Message 37 - Melva | |
Hi Dear Heart,
Hope you had a wonderful Christmas celebration!
Next we have to get ready to say good bye to 2011! Time's slipping away so quickly...
Wanted a blessing so stopped by to read a few of your encouraging poems!
God bless you my friend, love you very much
26 December 2011
Message 38 - Eugenia Michelle Brown-divasingingforjesus |
Merry CHRISTmas keep CHRIST in
CHRISTmas; This is very beautiful; I
have no extra money now, but as so
on as I get some I will order a signe
d copy.
The page visited?: CHRISTMAS
22 December 2011 - Houston, Texas
Message 39 - Melva | |
Hi My Sweet Friend,
Thank you for a beautiful update, and for including the link to my site in it!
Your poems are always a blessing to read, and I'm always uplifted when I read them...
Thank you too for signing my guestbook! Another blessing with such encouraging words!!
I wanted to wish you a wonderful Christmas with lots of family and friends to help you celebrate the birth of our Saviour!
Thank you sweet heart for remaining such a precious friend through the years!!
I love you!
Merry Christmas,
18 December 2011
Message 40 - JoMattioli |
At this special time of year, it is especially nice to have Southbreeze. I truly enjoy all your poems. I may not always write to you, but I am in here a lot.
Thank You, and a very Merry Christmas to you.
The page visited?: Christmas Poems
8 December 2011 - Reno, NV
Message 41 - Judy | |
A couple beautiful pages I have enjoyed from Melva's mail out today and just beautiful. But I thought your work always was! Just getting back on the net and reopened my site and so good to be visiting with my friends again. God bless and thank you for sharing your poems. Hugs Judy
The page visited?: Two on Melva's mailout last night
4 December 2011 - NY
Message 42 - Betty Burdette | |
Dear Southbreeze, Sometimes we do not realize how deeply we need touched by the words we find in your pages, untill we find ourselves so moved there are no words to thank you with...nevertheless, "Thank You So Much" Betty
The page visited?: Encouragement...Many
8 November 2011 - USA
Message 43 - Deepak |
God Bless You
7 November 2011 - India
Message 44 - Golden Wright |
It is so good to have you back!!
Hope you had a good summer.
The page visited?: several
2 November 2011 - Covington, Virginia
Message 45 - Kathy |
You have no idea how much your site is appreciated. I found 2 wonderful friendship poems that were so appropriate for a wonderful friend. Thank you Thank You
The page visited?: Friendship
8 September 2011 - Saskatchewan Canada
Message 46 - Eddie (Dark Blue Knight) | |
Hello Southbreeze,

Guess you will be surprised to see me visiting your lovely pages agai, it has been so long since I have done any visiting or even on my own site, but I wanted to let you know that I have called by and as always thoroughly enjoyed my visit.

I did love all the pages in your latest update, but the one that really stood out for me is "I Said A Prayer". Beautifully written and what a wonderful message.

Life has not been all that easy for me in the past 18 months or so, but I am still around and hope to start visiting all my old friends regularly again soon.

God bless

The page visited?: All pages in your latest updates mail.
3 July 2011 - Brisbane, Australia
Message 47 - Candy LIttle | |
I was just surfing the net tonight and found your beautiful pages. Thank you so much for the inspirations that I've received here.
The page visited?: just looked around
5 June 2011
Message 48 - sweet & sassy |
what a beautiful site! what wonderful talent! may the lord continue blessing you sweetheart.
21 May 2011 - yakima, washington
Message 49 - Anita Ennis |
Thank-you for the beautiful Mother's Day message
The page visited?: Mother's Day message
10 May 2011
Message 50 - Melva | |
Hi Sweet Friend,
I'm a wee bit late in getting here but wanted you to know I loved the easter update you sent out....Your poetry is such an encouragement! You've always been an inspiration to me, and have supported me through the years, always encouraging me in everything I have done...You are a precious friend and I love you dearly! Thank you for being such a loving friend...
I love you,
27 April 2011 - USA

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