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Message 176 - lucy | |
Ilove your site, please keep sending it to me . thank you LUCY
15 October 2008 - auxvasse, mo.
Message 177 - Angie Corbett |
This is the best site I have come across, for verses, they are so beautiful, and alot make me cry.

I will always keep coming back.
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5 October 2008 - Middx UK
Message 178 - Rachael Wherry |
What a wonderful site, a blessing I have been given this day. Thank you and please keep blessing! Your new friend....RaeDi
The page visited?: several, just the beginnings!
27 September 2008 - Pugut Sound, Washington, USA
Message 179 - Heidi Wouldridge (Mercedes) |
I really liked this message about the Truck Driver it reminds me so much of my Daddy he has been a truck driver for 31 yrs of my life and is still going strong at it ..I always worry about my daddy when he is out there on the road not known what could happen . All I can do is pray and ask God to send his Angels to watch over him and keep him safe ... But he is not the only one i worry about out there on the road i got some friends that are truck drivers too and i pray for them to for them to come home safe to their family's
23 September 2008 - Fulton Mississippi
Message 180 - Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie | |
Hello Evelyn,

Nice to see your pages in my mail box again, I have missed reading your wonderful poetry.

It has been a while since we have heard about Sam but I can imagine he is still just as lovable and friendly as ever. Your poem for Sam is lovely, I’m sure if he could read he would love it.

What a lovely poem “Into My Life” is, isn’t it wonderful when you meet someone who you can honestly say those words you have written to. Friends are so important and the very special ones are just such a huge part of our lives.

I guess I do not have to admit that I am a bit of an old romantic, so I always enjoy poetry about love. If you can always think of that special someone just as the day closes, you have something that is very special indeed. How true it is, without love we have nothing.

Thank you my dear friend, and I hope that all is well with you.

God bless

24 September 2008 - Brisbane, Australia
Message 181 - Shy | |
Dear South,
What a pleasure to find your latest update in my email today. I really enjoyed all the lovely poems that you offered this week. The ones of love for friends and loved ones. I enjoyed the poem about Sam also.
As always my heart has been blessed and uplifted by your beautiful writing, what a wonderful gift you share with us all. God bless and take care,
Love you, Shy

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23 September 2008 - North Carolina USA
Message 182 - Pam |
How beautiful these pages are!! I'm so glad I found you! Hugs
The page visited?: Reflections of Southbreeze
20 September 2008 - Canandaigua, NY United States of America
Message 183 - Tencia Mock |
This is a very beautiful site and I thank you for sharing you gift from God. i really enjoy it.
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20 September 2008 - Firebaugh, California
Message 184 - LINDA |

20 September 2008 - WV
Message 185 - Linda Lou |
You have beautiful work in your site..Thank You for sharing..
13 September 2008 - Michigan
Message 186 - Ann Marie |
Good Afternoon Evelyn, I am finally able to sit at my PC for a while & I visited your Site. As always, I come away refreshed but one poem really spoke to me as I read, "Moment's with Mom". Oh, How I wish I could sit down & talk to my Mom. She has been with Jesus for many years but I still miss that special voice. Have a lovely day Precious Friend.
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4 September 2008 - Alabama, U.S.A.
Message 187 - Shelvia Hancock |
This is a beautiful site!! I enjoy it
very much!!!!
The page visited?: Southbreeze
3 September 2008 - South Carolina USA
Message 188 - Jeanette |
I just want to let you know how much i love your pages on here i told all of my friends? so please keep up the good and my God Bless you and yours?
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25 August 2008 - ohio
Message 189 - Mikki | |
Hi Evelyn,
I have spent my morning visiting your site. What lovely poems you write and the websets are just beautiful!!! I have really enjoyed my visit to your site.
The page visited?: Many
23 August 2008 - Baltimore, Ohio
Message 190 - Your Favorite Daughter |
Hello Mother,
Yes a conversation would not the be the same if it weren't for your cute little sayings. And I do let you say them as they are included in ALL our heart warming conversations! and yes, we do end on"I Love You". Well, I am fixin to eat my bananers, tomaters and potaters while I play the yeller pianer next to the winder. Care to join me little feller?
The page visited?: Moments with Mom
19 August 2008 - Conyers, GA
Message 191 - Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie | |
Hello Evelyn,

Well I started at your new video section and must say I enjoyed it immensely. Nice to see some beautiful things that one can enjoy watching. Keep them coming, I am sure many others will enjoy them as much as I did.

Loved your new poem as well, it’s nice to think back to the good memories and remember the wonderful times from our younger years. Just because we get older doesn’t mean that we are no longer their children, we will always be our parents little boy or girl.

Nice to see you back again as well, you are missed when you don’t send out pages, not only by me, but a lot of others as well.

Take care my friend and God bless.

19 August 2008 - Brisbane, Australia
Message 192 - Nena |
To my sissie,,,just wanted to tell you that we are sisters and friends and that I love you mucho!
12 August 2008
Message 193 - Shy | |
Dear Evelyn,
Thanks so much for sharing your latest poems with me. As always they touched my heart and added a blessing to my life. I trust you are doing well, take care until next time,

The page visited?: July 20 update
7 August 2008 - North Carolina USA
Message 194 - Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie | |
Hello Evelyn,

It seems so long since I have had the time to sit and visit an I am just catching up with your latest Updates pages. As you know I have had much on my mind with our precious Grandson Coen and I thank you for your prayers and support for Coen. I am pleased to let you know that Coen is now home although it will be along time before he is well again, he certainly is much better than those weeks he spent in Intensive Care. The prayers by so many have been answered. Thank you and praise to the Lord for answering our prayers.

Loved your page “Watching Over Me”, it really is a very special poem and one that reminds us that no matter what happens we are never alone. Thank you for a most beautiful writing.

As always all of your poetry is very special and it is always a great joy to be able to come by and read your great words of faith, love and friendship.

Thank you my friend and God bless.


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4 August 2008 - Brisbane, Australia
Message 195 - Brenda |
23 July 2008 - COHUTTA GA.
Message 196 - nikki |
Thank you for sharing a part of your world.GOD BLESS YOU!
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23 July 2008 - ca
Message 197 - Melva | |
Thank You my Precious Friend, for the support that you have always given to me, I appreciate you so much and love you dearly...Thank you for using the set I made, what an honor that is to me...I loved the poem you put on it too, it touched my heart...My sweet friend all of your poetry is top of the line, and I always feel very encouraged when I read it...
Thank you for sharing your heart,
Love you,
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22 July 2008 - USA
Message 198 - bernice |
i love your website and will tell all my friends. keep up the good work, it's beautiful!
The page visited?: daughter & a lot more
14 July 2008 - reno,tx.
Message 199 - michael head | |
We miss you Dale. Please visit for all you needs.
18 July 2008 - SC
Message 200 - Beverly Hollingsworth and Family | |
We are avid Nascar Fans, we were when it was still Winston Cup Series. I have a great nephew who is seven now, his heart was broken, but as he says. "Jr. is as good as Dale."
The page visited?: Reflections of Dale Earnthardt
16 July 2008 - United States of America

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