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Message 51 - Sagren Pillay &Family |
May The Lord Bless you and your Family.
21 April 2011
Message 52 - Loyette Davis |
You write the most beauitful poems. God gave you a gift that so many would
like to have. He has blessed you. Keep up your work.
12 April 2011 - Little Rock, Arkansas
Message 53 - Janet Mary Pimental |
I really enjoy reading all of your beautiful poems. You have an awesome site and I am so pleased that I am on your mailing list
12 April 2011 - Portsmouth, Rhode Island
Message 54 - Melva | |
Hi My Precious Friend,
What a beautiful site you have and I love to stop in and read your poetry...Your words are such an encouragement! You've always been an example to follow, and I thank you for that!
God bless you darlin'
I love you,
8 April 2011 - USA
Message 55 - Dave |
Lovely poem... Dreams of a familiar nature. *smile* Well done..
28 March 2011
Message 56 - maribeth bayoneta |
i would like to take this chance to say thank you so much for creating this site,it helps me a lot to get closure to GOD.keep up the good works!!!
11 March 2011 - anywhere
Message 57 - RoseMary Colarusso | |
ohh donna what a beautiful site. I miss you and think about you often.
19 February 2011 - Pa
Message 58 - Melva | |
Hi My Darlin' Friend,
I wanted to let you know I have been visiting your most beautiful site! It is so refreshing to come to your home and read your poetry, very uplifting!
Thank you so much for sharing with all of us, the beauty that is in your sweet heart!
You are the best!
And I love you dearly,
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8 February 2011
Message 59 - Julie | |
You're web site is one of the classists web sites around! I am glad you are still around!
26 January 2011 - Arizona
Message 60 - millie earley |
could not find my poem
18 January 2011
Message 61 - Marian | |
Dear Southbreeze, It is a long time since I have been active on the net so it has been a great pleasure to receive your newsletter. Even nicer to read your lovely poems. Hope you are keeping well and I wish you a Merry Christmas and a New Year filled with joy, peace and harmony.
God Bless
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24 December 2010 - England
Message 62 - Janice Stodola |
Hi, just wanted to wish you and your's a very Merry CHRISTmas and to say how much i love all the poems and stories and music and songs I have read and listened to in your site. God surely has blessed you with a beautiful gift, keep them comin.
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24 December 2010 - USA
Message 63 - Ceil |
You are tryly gifted in creating your poems. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
The page visited?: Very many!
24 December 2010 - Wisconsin
Message 64 - Jan Evans |
Keep being a blessing!
24 December 2010 - SW Florida USA
Message 65 - Pat |
I so enjoy your website!!!GOD BLESS
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24 December 2010 - Dellrose TN
Message 66 - Beatrice Boyle | |
So happy to be receiving the newsletter. Sorry you aren't accepting new poems.

I've contributed in the past, but I believe they were al lost in the computer crash.

Please let me know when you are open to receiving them again. In the meantime...I enjoy reading the current ones.

Merry Christmas and God Bless.
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24 December 2010 - Woodcliff Lake, NJ
Message 67 - Ann Marie Fisher |
Good Evening Evelyn, I was so glad to see your selection of Christmas Poems & the graphics you selected were beautiful. Darlin, you never fail to lift me up with the beauty of your site & I thank Jesus for my sweet "Southbreeze" Love You Dearly!!
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23 December 2010 - Alabama,U.S.A.
Message 68 - Dave Allen Kelly |
This time of year we need soft words of great joy. Our beautiful Southbreeze has provided much to be thankful for. May the Lord's blessing fill your heart Dear South. Thank you.
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19 December 2010 - Log home in the mountains
Message 69 - TJ Daniels |
Hi Southbreeze. It's been a while, hasn't it? :)
I've been very busy, writing poetry etc. I am finally published!! And on Amazon yet. Below is the URL to my book.
23 November 2010
Message 70 - Lora | |
Hello again, I didn't expect to come back so soon but I needed some inspiration this morning and I certainly found it here in your beautiful poems. Thank you!
I hope your day is filled with many blessings.
The page visited?: As We Walk and Give Him The Day
18 October 2010 - Indiana
Message 71 - Lora | |
Hello Southbreeze, thank you so much for visiting my site and leaving your message in my guestbook. I am so very sorry it's taken me so long to repay the visit. My hubby has been very ill but is much better. I have enjoyed my visit and I especially love your poems, My Secret Place and Happy Mothers Day Grandmother. I have just hit the surface here in your beautiful home but I have bookmarked it and I will return again.
God bless,
The page visited?: The Gift, A Special Brother, Fireflies, Secret Place, Happy
17 October 2010 - Indiana
Message 72 - Jlona-Maria | |
God Bless for your uplifting messages. Especially comforting this moment, since we just lost our dear Daddy, Thomas very unexpectedly. Keep up the healing and uplifting through meaningful spiritual sharing!
In prayer, Jlona and Philip
1 September 2010 - Anchorage, Alaska
Message 73 - Marvaline | |
Very beautiful work. I love your inspiring pages.
The page visited?: Inspirational pages
18 August 2010 - Nebraska
Message 74 - Lloyd Peterson | |
Awsome! I just visited your Beautiful Christian pages,You are truly inspired, your graaphics, music, color schemes,poetry make your pages glow in God's light, I will return, I am so happy my friends send me your wonderful site, God Bless You.
The page visited?: Inspirational
13 August 2010 - S.W. Louisiana
Message 75 - Mary |
What a wonderful site, makes me smile and warms my heart. Thank you for sharing all of this.
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9 August 2010 - NY

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