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Message 201 - Mikki | |
Hi Evelyn,
Just wanted you to know how much I enjoy your newsletter. All of them were just great. Love your site. After I got my computer, yours was the one of the first sites that I went too!!!
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4 July 2008 - Baltimore, Ohio
Message 202 - Ann Marie |
Hi Sweet Evelyn, I wanted to wish you a happy & blessed 4th of July. I never tire of hearing Lee Greenwood singing that song & the other poem just makes chill bumps come on my arms as I read it. So happy to read your newest update. Have a good summer & get well from your fall. Love you Lady.
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4 July 2008 - Alabama, U.S.A.
Message 203 - Joyce Ann Geyer | |
Hi South: I know you are on summer vacation just popped in to say Hi!
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27 June 2008 - West Seneca, NY USA
Message 204 - Betty Moran |
Very beautiful sight.
The page visited?: Reflections of Southbreeze
23 June 2008 - Hiddenite,N.C.
Message 205 - Ann Marie Fisher |
Beloved Evelyn, I do so look forward to your updates. I know I will come away with a relaxed attitude. I dearly loved the page that Melva made for "Sam" & the poem you have written for him. To know that dog is to love him & I do truly love him. I could barely wait to pet him & see his little face in person. Evelyn, your Father's Day update was soooo good. The Empty Chair really went straight to my heart. It was good to visit your site today. Love You Dear Lady!
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18 June 2008 - Alabama, U.S.A.
Message 206 - Ginny Bryant | |
Your web site is as lovely as ever South and the messages you so generously share are phenomenal as always. Thank you for sharing.
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17 June 2008 - Virginia USA
Message 207 - Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie | |
Hello Evelyn,

Thank you for your latest updates and I have enjoyed the pages dedicated to Dads although here in Australia we do not have Father’s Day until September.

Your poem for your own dad is very lovely and really shows just how much he means to you.

“The Empty Chair” is very touching and beautifully written. How wonderful to have such precious memories to reflect on in times that you need to do so.

“Single Dad” is so sad, and unfortunately far to common. It must be very hard to love your children so much but not have them around you all the time. I am so fortunate that I have never had to travel that road.

“Happy Father’s Day” – I don’t think anyone could say it better than the poem you have written.

Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent with us all and tank you so much for your continued friendship. It is an honour to call you my friend.

God bless.

16 June 2008 - Brisbane, Australia
Message 208 - Melva | |
Hi Sweet Lady,
Thank you for such a sweet and touching update...Dad's are very special, and it is wonderful to have a day set aside to honor them in very special ways...Everyday should be father and mother's day, The ones who still have their parents should be very mindful of how precious they are...
No one writes a poem like you darlin' friend...I love your poetry, your beautiful pages, and music, and I love you, very much...
Thank you for your beautiful and precious friendship most of all!
15 June 2008 - USA
Message 209 - Judy | |
Loved your page Power of Prayer what a beautiful poem you have written. Our Lord has the most names of anyone as the great surgeon, the great teacher and so on until the end of time. We could ask for no one better to love and believe in as He has control over our lives and we just live in the shell He has given us until we return to Him. God bless you my friend. Judy
The page visited?: Power of Prayer
11 June 2008
Message 210 - John | |
A wonderful selection of pages in your sendout South. Always look forward to receiving them.
Can your dog do that hehe?
Blessings, John
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8 June 2008 - Shenandoah Valley Virginia
Message 211 - nikki |
Loved all the pages today!The doggies were cute too:)! Have a wonderful day!Thank You!God Bless!
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8 June 2008 - ca
Message 212 - Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie | |
Hello Evelyn,

How are you, I hope all is well and you are enjoying your Summer. Many thanks for your pages, I really do always have a wonderful time when I call by. I checked out your two latest mails so have been here for some time.

Your selections of fun pages were all great and it is good to be a little light hearted at times. We all know that things can get us down at times, so really special to just sit back, read and relax with some light pages. I do remember reading most of these when you first sent them out, but it is always nice to go back again, especially when the poetry is such a high standard.

I do especially love “The Poem of Poems”, that is a real favourite of mine.

Just received your latest mail as well so for once it isn’t weeks later before I get to view the pages.

“Choices” is so very true and I wish more would try to understand that the choices they are making today can really have a huge effect on their lives and also those around them.

Isn’t the power that prayer gives an awesome thing? I know those who do believe have seen prayers answered many times, and those who have needed prayer have drawn much comfort in knowing that others are praying for them and with them.

I said a prayer for you today just because you are a friend.

Isn’t that video of the talking dogs something? I watched it a few times, that is amazing and so well put together. The last one sounds as if it is almost crying. Thank you for sharing that, and thanks to John and Melva as well.

Take care my friend and God bless you today and always.

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8 June 2008 - Brisbane, Australia
Message 213 - Shy | |
Dear South,
What an adorable dog you have and the name Sam really fits him. The poem is so cute, I enjoyed it very much and Siggy did a wonderful job making the page for it.

I enjoyed all your wonderful poems this update as I always do. Hope you are doing well and having a nice summer so far. Even though it's not officially here yet, the temperatures certainly are.

God bless you for your christian witness on the internet, for your friendship and for sharing your wonderful talents.

Love you,

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4 June 2008 - Greenville, North Carolina, USA
Message 214 - Judy | |
Loved your poem A Place To Rest South and He is always there waiting for us to ask. I tried to sign your guestbook yesterday after receiving Lynn Lynn's mail out but wasn't letting me in. I still can't get into mine this morning so read your entry going right to the Bravenet page. Know they made some changes a few days ago and should be fine shortly I hope. Anyways enough of that but got in this morning and love reading all your poems and so beautiful and does brighten my day before I leave your wonderful site. God bless my friend and thank you for stopping by to see me again. Love Judy
The page visited?: A Place To Rest
3 June 2008
Message 215 - Sondra McPherson |
Hello South darling, I just read your latest Update again and I love all your Poems. They're all so very
sweetly written as always. I particularly loved your "The Poem Of Poems." Oh my goodness, you
truly do have such a ''unique gift from the Lord" in your writings.
Lovely and precious! I have always been amazed at the way you say things, it somehow reaches right
into my heart and I know it does all others too. You are most certainly my inspiration and always have
been ever since I began writing poems and I love you so much, Sondra
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1 June 2008 - Indiana
Message 216 - Melva | |
Good Morning My Sweet Friend,
I wanted to thank you for sending out the link for 'Sam's' page, how thoughtful that was of you! I loved the poems you sent out, how cute and sweet they were...I truly enjoyed each one, but "Poem of Poems" was really special...I loved Tina's design for the page and your words and the music was perfection! Thank you for a beautiful update!
God bless you Precious Friend and may He be abundant with His Sweetness to you!
Your friendship is a treasure in my heart...
I love you,
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1 June 2008 - USA
Message 217 - Janice Stodola |
I just read Poem of Poems..... It's just perfect. God has so blessed you with a loving talent, keep up the good work.
The page visited?: Poem of Poems
1 June 2008 - Kansas
Message 218 - Melva | |
Hi Sweet Friend,
I have been here reading your beautiful poetry, and have really been blessed...No one writes a poem quite like you do, God has blessed you so sweetly and in turn all who come here are blessed!
Thank you for your sweet and inspiring home on the web, to come and visit and be refreshed...
I have always admired your beautiful website, and since I have come to know you, I admire you too...Such a precious friend you are, and I love you dearly,
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24 May 2008 - USA
Message 219 - Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie | |
Hello my Dear Friend Evelyn,

Thank you so much for your latest pages, it was great to see them arrive in my mailbox as I haven’t heard from you lately and I hoped all was well.

It seems strange to me for school to be ending in the middle of the year, our schools end in November/December, but of course that is also our summer months.

What a lovely selection of pages which cover so many of anyone’s school days from the teacher, the graduates and even the First Grade class. I must say that the First Grade page is something special and I know that your Grand-Daughter would love it.

What can I say about “Show and Tell”, what a cute poem and all about your Grand-Daughter and of course Sam, how can we forget Sam, he has to have a place somewhere doesn’t he?

Would you believe that I have never had a class reunion, one of my old classmates did try to arrange one for our 40th anniversary, but I never heard back from him again and that was some years ago. Maybe we were all too wide spread, I now live about 3000 miles from where I went to school. It must be wonderful to meet up and see just how people have changed and what has happened with their lives.

Thank you my dear friend for your pages and more importantly your ongoing and treasured friendship.

God bless you always.


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22 May 2008 - Brisbane, Australia
Message 220 - Mikki | |
Hi Southbreeze,
I sure have enjoyed reading on of your poems in the newsletter. Thanks for sending it to me.
21 May 2008 - Baltimore, Ohio
Message 221 - Shy | |
Dear South,
Sorry I haven't been by for a while. I have had some personal issues to resolve and now I am endeavoring to play catchup,

I enjoyed all your wonderful poems and pages on school, graduation and fond memories. It's hard to imagine that it is that time of year once again. I know my grandsons are excited in anticipation to a summer break.

Thank you for sharing all your lovely pages. The poets desk is shining as always. Keep up the good work and God bless.

The page visited?: all your latest updates
20 May 2008 - Greenville, North Carolina, USA
Message 222 - Dr T Moyo | |
Congradulations.... you've made it
The page visited?:
16 May 2008 - University of Limpopo
Message 223 - Ann Marie Fisher |
Dearest Southbreeze, I have gone back over & enjoyed all the beauty that your site is known for. I thank you for the variety of guest poets as well. Such excellent writers,all. I love seeing your Site show up on my inbox & taking my time to enjoy each one is a real pleasure. God Bless you Darlin Lady.
The page visited?: Mothers Day Update
13 May 2008 - Alabama, U.S.A.
Message 224 - John | |
Hi South,
Happy Mothers Day, I hope your special day is wonderful.
Hugs, John

11 May 2008 - Shenandoah Valley, Virginia
Message 225 - Joyce Ann Geyer | |
Hi South: I enjoyed all of your Mother's Day poetry. God Bless you and yours!
The page visited?: Many Mother's Day poems you sent your newsletter, thank you!
10 May 2008 - West Seneca, NY USA

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