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Message 101 - Shy | |
Dear Southbreeze
I enjoyed your poem so very much that Siggy sent out today in her update. May I take this opportunity to wish you and your pets and your family a most Happy and Blessed holiday season.
I love you dear friend,
In Christ, Shy
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17 December 2009 - Greenville, N. C.
Message 102 - Dave Allen Kelly |
Oh, South, you must have been in my long-ago neighborhood when you wrote about remembering Christmas. We were there, poor as church mice, the five of us, but we had each other. Thank you for a warm loving feeling in my heart. God bless.
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12 December 2009 - Oregon
Message 103 - June | |
I just love Il Divo singing "Amazing Grace". I thank you for all your beautiful pages you send me. I would like to wish you and yours a
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
The page visited?: A lot of them. But I will get to all of them
12 December 2009 - born in Pa. raised in N.J. living in South Carolina
Message 104 - Joan | |
"Christmas With Jesus" is a beautiful, heartfelt poem and I thank you for sharing it on LinLin's newsletter. Blessings, Joan
The page visited?: Christmas With Jesus
3 December 2009 - Canada
Message 105 - Joan | |
"I Thank You" - what a wonderful poem for Thanksgiving Day! Thanks for sharing. To you and yours - HAPPY THANKSGIVING DAY!!!!!! Hugs, Joan
The page visited?: I Thank Thee
24 November 2009 - Canada
Message 106 - Joyce |
A wonderful awesome website. So peaceful and beautiful music and poems. A blessing to everyone who enters in.
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22 November 2009
Message 107 - Tom Lee |
Giving Thanks is beautiful and what this day is to me each year
love the page -TOM
The page visited?: Giving Thanks
21 November 2009 - Rockport , Texas
Message 108 - georgette eagley |
I so enjoy this site. It cheers me up when I'm down.
20 November 2009
Message 109 - Kay |
I loved the Thanksgiving page and the voice of Josh Groban was like the icing on the cake!
The page visited?: Thanksgiving Blessings
20 November 2009 - Florida
Message 110 - Lucy Browning | |
Thank you for sending me your beautiful site . Ilove ever thing on it. God bless you.
20 November 2009 - auxvasse, M O
Message 111 - June | |
Hello Southbreeze,
I am stopping by to tell you how much I love your pages and poems.
Congratulations to a job well done.
And a Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours,
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20 November 2009 - South Carolina-USA
Message 112 - Mary | |
I came across your site while looking for gifts and poems for my online friends. Your site is beautifully designed and your poems are so touching. God Bless You and Yours
The page visited?: I have read several.
13 November 2009 - SW MO. USA
Message 113 - Joan | |
I have just read In His Own Time and what a wonderful poem - something we should always remember - our prayers are always answered, but in His own time and in a way that is probably better than we ever expected. Beautiful page! Blessings..... Joan
The page visited?: In His Own Time
3 November 2009 - Canada
Message 114 - Shy | |
Hi Evelyn,
What a wonderful update, I enjoyed all your beautiful poems and the one "In His Time" especially spoke to my heart. Just today He answered a prayer for me and it was in His time and just in time, Praise His Name. Keep up the good work dear friend. Thank you too for including my website in your list, I appreciate it so much.
Your take good care, Love you, Shy
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29 October 2009 - Greenville, N. C.
Message 115 - Joan | |
Hello Evelyn, I just read your "Fall Fun" and what a great alternative from having the children walking the streets in the evenings at Halloween! A lovely poem and a great idea! Hugs... Joan
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24 October 2009 - Canada
Message 116 - Carol Barton | |
Someone sent me your poem "If I Had Another Day". What a beautiful and touching poem. Silver did a wonderful job on the page. Thanks for sharing your work with others to see.
The page visited?: If I Had Another Day
21 October 2009 - Texas
Message 117 - Joan | |
"Smiling Through The Tears" - what a wonderful poem - one that many of us relate to. Thank you for sharing your talent. Blessings..... Joan
The page visited?: Smiling Through The Tears
18 October 2009 - Canada
Message 118 - Shy | |
Dear Evelyn,
What a pleasure it is to visit with you here. Siggy sent out "Smiling Through the Tears" one of your many beautiful poems in her update today. I relate so well to the message you revealed in this writing. I remember so well all the times that I was sad and felt so all alone and Jesus was always there to help me walk through those times and continues to do so. His love for us is so very precious and just the sound of His name lifts our spirits so we can make it through all. Thank you for your witness and your encouraging spirit that comes through in all you write. You are truly a blessing to all that know you and I'm sure to those who may not know you but are blessed to come and visit your website. My wish for you is continued good health and strength to continue your journey until Jesus comes for us.

I love you sweet friend and knowing you is such a great blessing. Keep up the good work for our Lord,
God bless always, Love Shy
The page visited?: Smiling Through the Tears
16 October 2009 - Greenville, N. C.
Message 119 - Charlotte Sapp |
I want to Thank You for allowing everyone to enjoy all the Beauity and Heart Felt you have put into you wrk, You are n Angel and your site is a confot to me, this is where I go to relax,Thank you and God Bless!!
The page visited?: all :)
27 September 2009 - Florida
Message 120 - Kevin |
I just read "Walk With Me" and it is absolutely beautiful,thank you.
The page visited?: Walk With Me
14 September 2009 - Iowa U.S.A.
Message 121 - Melva | |
Hi Dear Sweet Friend,
I love the friendship poems you sent out, they are among my favorite poems to read! And the graphics and music are so beautiful...They have lifted my spirit, and filled my heart with a song!
Thank you so much for your friendship and the love you share so sweetly! You are a precious gift and I love you!
The page visited?: Update
4 September 2009 - USA
Message 122 - jarvis taylor jr |
hi south love ye all's site verry much keep it up please.
3 September 2009 - fortwayne in.
Message 123 - mae buckel | |
I love your Web Site; I will visit often. It is just beautiful.
Mae Buckel
The page visited?: one
3 September 2009 - california
Message 124 - Vianna Alsup | |
What a beautiful site. I really enjoy it so much. God Bless You in all you do.
The page visited?: several / spititual
2 September 2009 - Missouri
Message 125 - James | |
what a delightful poem.. wonderful story in poetic form.. Well Done !!
I'm always delighted to see your thoughts in poetry.
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11 August 2009 - California

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