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Message 151 - Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie | |
Hello Evelyn,

Thank you for your continued and very treasured friendship, for another year and I pray that it will continue to be in the future. It has been some years since we have got to know one another and I have always truly enjoyed your pages, the poetry you share is really something very special and reflects the special person that you are to so many.

Lovely to be reminded of Rosie again, she certainly was a totally committed and unique lady and although I only knew her for a very short time, she left an indelible mark on me that I don’t think can be erased.

Unfortunately I did not get to create a special Christmas page this year, but I hope to send out an update with some pages in the next day or so.

May I wish for you a very Happy and Blessed Christmas filled with the Spirit of the Lord and you also have a New Year that will bring you much peace, love, joy and happiness.

Thank you Evelyn.

God bless


Merry Christmas 2008
21 December 2008 - Brisbane, Australia
Message 152 - Elizabeth Quinn |
Awesome site. thank you! :
The page visited?: southbreeze
18 December 2008 - kutztown,pa.
Message 153 - friedel Wachsmann | |
It's very cute....
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18 December 2008 - ISRAEL
Message 154 - Melva | |
Hi Darlin' South,
What a wonderful Christian Edition you've sent! The poems are very special, and Rosie's poem never fails to touch my heart, and gives me something to think about, and so many reasons to be thankful...You are a precious witness for our Lord, and I know He's proud of your witness....His Light shines through you and the deeds you do, the sweetness you always show to all who come in contact with you...I'm a witness to that...
Thank you for sending out my links, and for allowing me access to your poetry!
You're friendship is one of the most precious gifts I thank God for, and it truly is a gift of love from you...
I wish you a Blessed Christmas, time spent with your family and friends, there's nothing more precious than that!
I love you my sweet friend, and thank you again!
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15 December 2008
Message 155 - Shy | |
Hi South and Merry Christmas,
I enjoyed all your Christmas poems so much and the Poet's Desk entries also. I tried to sign the guestbook for the poet's desk but must have been doing something wrong.

Thank you sweetheart for sharing the links to Shy's Corner of Blessings, that was a wonderful surprise.

I just love this time of year and thank God ever so much for all the blessings He gives me daily. I also thank Him for a precious friend in you. Keep on keeping on until His return and remember that I love you.

God bless you greatly, Love Shy
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15 December 2008 - NC USA
Message 156 - Ann Marie |
My Dearest Evelyn, I am having a bout of insomnia tonight & I sat at my PC & found your new update. How very wonderful to be able to read such lovely words. As always, your Site never fails to enrich my life & bring gladness to my soul. Sorry I missed seeing you this past week-end. Have a blessed day & keep letting our Lord use you mightily. I do love you special lady.
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15 December 2008 - Alabama, U.S.A.
Message 157 - Dagmar Rezende |
So beautiful the sweet poem CHRISTMAS REMEMBERED.and the "silient night" presented by Harry Todd is a kind of music.
I love your poems.
The page visited?: Christmas Remembered
14 December 2008 - Brasil
Message 158 - Kevin Duffy | |
This very special Christmas site is absolutely one of the best I have seen with so many beautiful cards and great poems,thank you,the Duffy family.
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14 December 2008 - Iowa
Message 159 - Cali Oliver | |
Beautiful I love your site
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14 December 2008 - Florida
Message 160 - Gail Fisher |
That was a great talking dogs video. Thanks.
The page visited?: Talking dogs
8 December 2008 - Rialto, CA
Message 161 - Dennis Michael Noel |
Great site, keep it up.
The page visited?: Reflections of Southbreeze
8 December 2008 - Hidelberg, Germany
Message 162 - lucille Laszlo |
As always your Thanksgiving poems an Music was wonderful
Thanks for sharing an may God bless.

The page visited?: Thanksgiving
27 November 2008 - Mesa , Az
Message 163 - Shy | |
Dear South,
What a privilege it is to wish you a VERY HAPPY THANKSGIVING. Thank you for sharing your beautiful poems of God's love and blessings with me, I enjoyed them so much and they uplifted my heart as I read them and listened to the beautiful music. I thank God daily for you and all my wonderful internet friends. You my friend are so very gifted and the words seem to flow from your heart like the love from God flows from above. What a blessing it is to share another Thanksgiving with you although the miles separate us, we can still be close at heart. Continue to let your shine brightly so that others can see the LOVE OF GOD that shines so brightly through you.

Love you, Shy

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26 November 2008 - Greenville, North Carolina, USA
Message 164 - John | |
Hi South,
Stopping in to wish you a very happy Thanksgiving. May your day be filled with love and friends.
Blessings, John

See how many turkeys you can get and Happy Thanksgiving
26 November 2008 - Shenandoah Valley Virginia
Message 165 - Melva | |
Hi My Darlin' Friend,
I wanted to thank you for the beautiful Thanksgiving pages you sent in your update! They are wonderful and made my spirit smile and sing!
I also wanted to wish you a wonderfully blessed Thanksgiving, spent with family and friends...
I will be remembering you, and you are always in my heart and prayers!
Thank you for the beautiful friendship that we share!
I love you very much,
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25 November 2008 - California
Message 166 - Mikki | |
Hi Southbreeze,
Your Thanksgiving pages were just beautiful. I enjoyed each and every one of them! Thanks so much!
The page visited?: Thanksgiving pages
25 November 2008 - Baltimore,Ohio
Message 167 - Dave Alan Kelly |
"I'll See You In My Dreams" Absolutely beautiful, South! So warm and gracious. I have news and will send a note later.
19 November 2008 - Oregon
Message 168 - Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie | |
Hello my dear friend Evelyn,

Finally I have come by to check your latest pages and I began my visit by going to the Poet’s Desk. What a wonderful collection of poetry you have once again posted on that site. A group of very talented writers indeed.

Loved the pages focusing on love that you have sent out, they are all really wonderful. Love can be such a wonderful thing and heal the greatest of wounds.

The Lord gave us two basic Commandments and both are deeply seated in love.

Love the Father and Love your neighbour as yourself. How can anything be more important Love?

If only people would learn to follow those teachings there would be no more need for hatred and derision and the conflicts that come with it. We are so fortunate to serve a God of love.


12 November 2008 - Brisbane, Australia
Message 169 - Shy | |
Dear South,
Thank you for the lovely poems that you sent out in your latest update. You are just so gifted in all you write and can write on such a variety of subjects and per this update, Love seems to be carried through in all of them.

I always enjoy your poems so much and thank you for sharing with me.
Thank you also for your christian witness and your sweet friendship.

Love, Shy
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11 November 2008 - North Carolina USA
Message 170 - Judy | |
Thank you so much for stopping to visit my site again and is always an honor to have you leave your heart prints in the guestbook. I have just read one of your newer poems "God Is Near" and so beautiful. The version of Amazing Grace with the flute was outstanding and loved it them both. I have stopped in before but don't always have time to sign the guestbooks and have to get caught up when I can. God bless my friend and always a joy to stop in and see you for peace and love that show in every page you make. Judy
The page visited?: God Is Near
9 November 2008 - NY
Message 171 - Rose White |
what can I say ! your totality awsome with words ! You are and Angel of God, Iam coming back for more and more of your Reflections God has Blessed you Richly Gods Blesings on you Rose
The page visited?: My Mother's Bible
3 November 2008 - Stratford ,Ontario ,Canada
Message 172 - karen |
How beautiful the talking dogs , really made my day, brought back memories of our german shepard we had when i was growing up he used to say i love momma! Heres to you Brutus!!!! you live forever in our hearts and hears to you for bringing back those beautiful memories!!!
The page visited?: talking dogs
30 October 2008 - Owensboro Kentucky
Message 173 - Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie | |
Hello Evelyn,

So sorry it has taken me over a week to come by and view your latest pages that you have sent out.

It is so sad that so many seem to forget that “God Is Near” and all they need to is:-

“We must listen closely to His voice
And call on Him to console”

Many times we do question why things are happening but it is God’s will that we follow and accept.

We do not “celebrate” Halloween in Australia, although in the last few years it has seemed to be changing as stores promote the idea and younger children are getting caught up with the thought. I am not sure that it is a great idea in this world of unknown people to have young children going from door to door meeting total strangers, many times without supervision. I sure like your idea a lot better.

Thank you also for your other lovely favourite poems, “In His Time” ; “Hold On To Me” ; “It is well With My Soul” (Beautiful) and “Only Trust Him”

Thank you for your precious friendship.

God bless.

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28 October 2008 - Brisbane, Australia
Message 174 - Sondra |
Hello my darling South,
I just read all your beautiful poems,
and there still isn't anyone who can
hold a candle to your sweet writings
Oh I love each one of them. "It Is Well With My Soul" touched my
my heart so much the tears flowed.
It is so very preciously written and
true, the Lord is truly our only hope.
May He ever Bless You always,
Big hugs & my love,
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20 October 2008 - Indiana USA
Message 175 - karen | |
Dear South,
"It is Well With My Soul" is my favorite hymn, and your poem telling the story was so well written, even knowing the story before, brought even more meaning to it.
This is something I really needed today, South. I believe God spoke through your site! Please say a prayer for those who have lost loved ones, and for CJ~~~God Bless and remember.................
U R Loved
The page visited?: this weeks list
20 October 2008 - Iowa

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