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Message 1 - dennis j hopkins |
hi, south. hope all goes well with you and yours.
10 April 2018 - sugar land, tx
Message 2 - Melva |
Hi Evelyn,
I have had you on my mind for awhile and
wanted to see if I could hear from you...I miss you
and the fun times we had with our websites!
Please write me, my address is the same as it's
always been...
Love you always
24 January 2016 - California
Message 3 - dennis j hopkins | |
hi evelyn

i hope all is well with you and yours.
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13 September 2015 - sugar land, tx
Message 4 - Brotherbob |
5 August 2015 - Moraine, Ohio
Message 5 - Margi | |
Hey, sweetie, I haven't been able to make contact with you. I had lost your address, so please let me hear from you.
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19 October 2014 - Arkansas
Message 6 - Melissa keller |
I am billy Keller sister and am trying to find his mother. If anyone who knows her sees this please have her contact me at
23 April 2014 - Florida
Message 7 - Assc. Pastor Mrs.Victoria J. Berkheimer | |
I read South breeze, every page, and I am always so Blessed. I thank our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ for showing me this site. Thank you for all you bring to all of us. God Bless and keep you always.
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12 March 2014 - USA
Message 8 - Trina |
Thank you so much for your time and love. You create beautiful cards and share them with us so that we may share them with our loved ones. The share in the beauty of the cards and poems you create. Thank you again and my the Lord bless and keep you in his loving arms this coming year. Love, Blessings and Prayers to you and your family and friends.
31 December 2013 - Texas
Message 9 - Anita Ennis | |
The message was a beautiful one. You always know what to put in your messages. I wish you a very happy new year....
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31 December 2013 - Indiana
Message 10 - Jackie ONeil | |
Merry Merry Christmas to all with a hopeful New Year.
Many blessing to one and al.
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23 December 2013 - United States
Message 11 - MICHELLE |
21 December 2013 - LONGVIEW, WA.
Message 12 - Sylvia |
I love your website. It is so beautiful
and I love the music.
The page visited?: Southbreeze
17 October 2013 - Savannah, GA
Message 13 - Ann Marie Fisher |
My Dearest Evelyn, I could feel your sadness in your poems that were in this update & the music on the last poem,"Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus" was just lovely & so meaningful. I am so terribly sorry for the loss of your Son David ,but I know He is with his precious Jehovah now. I love you Sweet Evelyn.
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3 September 2013 - Alabama
Message 14 - golden |
The poem "come sit beside me" was so beautiful. The picture and music added the serenity that I needed at this time. Thank you for your work that I enjoy so much.
4 May 2013 - Virginia
Message 15 - Eddie (Dark Blue Knight) | |
Hello Evelyn,

Hope all is well with you, I am dropping by to wish you all the best for your birthday.

Happy birthday to a long time friend, may our Father in heaven smile on you today and every day.

27 April 2013 - Brisbane, Australia
Message 16 - Joan Clifton Costner | |
I did so enjoy reading the beautiful pages you sent. Thank you for sending encouragement along the way. I absolutely love your graphics!
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24 April 2013 - Guymon, Oklahoma (Center of NoWhere)
Message 17 - Abby |
Hello Darlin'! I'm glad to be back on your newsletter email list. As usual, your latest poems are beautiful! I love you!

22 April 2013 - Atlanta, Georgia
Message 18 - MICHELLE |
The page visited?: EASTER
28 March 2013 - LONGVIEW, WA.
Message 19 - Ann Marie Fisher |
Sweet Evelyn, I have enjoyed reading your Valentine poetry very much & the very first one , "My Valentine" really spoke to me because it is exactly what I would want to say to my husband of 52 years. You are such a treasure to me & I love you my Friend.
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20 February 2013 - Alabama
Message 20 - Alberta Levins |
Glad your back..Missed your site.
14 February 2013
Message 21 - Eddie (Dark Blue Knight) | |
Dear Evelyn,
Thank you for your continued pages. I tried to send you an email but the addresses I have didn't go through. Want to wish you a very happy and joyous Christmas filled with the peace that only our Father in heaven can bring. May 2013 be a year of good health, happiness, joy and peace.
God bless
24 December 2012 - Brisbane, Australia
Message 22 - Ann Marie Fisher |
Dearest Evelyn, I never tire of reading the poems & watching the videos that are featured on your site. I have been a faithful subscriber since 2006. Jesus certainly gave you a wonderful talent that you have used in His honor. I am so proud to know you Dear Friend. Love You Always.
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16 December 2012 - Alabama
Message 23 - Edward |
Love to all
16 December 2012 - Pa.
Message 24 - Ann M Moe |
God bless you for blessing me with your multiple talents!
16 December 2012 - Pacifica, CA
Message 25 - Joy | |
I have enjoyed your website for a long time ......a real "Keeper" Thank you ...Joy
The page visited?: 12/15/2012
15 December 2012 - St.Pete ....Florida

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